About Us

Working Fit is an independent occupational health consultancy based in the South East. We can conduct clinical assessments remotely and face to face throughout UK.

Company Expertise

The company specialises in providing expert medical advice in occupational medicine. We can provide independent reports for employers and insurers and medico-legal reports.  We can advise employers, solicitors and individuals on the application of the Equality Act 2010.  We have experience providing advice to central and local government, the NHS, emergency services, Armed Forces and industry including engineering, utilities and transport.

Information Resource

Over the years, Dr Tony Williams, Medical Director, has undertaken a number of research projects, mainly literature searches.  These have generated a substantial body of evidence-based guidance useful for occupational health practitioners and others seeking answers in relation to health and work.  Rather than keep this research hidden away, he is in the process of creating a resource freely available to all.  The main aim is to find objective peer-reviewed evidence to support advice and decision-making.  Some additional advice and interpretation may also be provided to help practitioners relate the evidence to their clinical practice.

This resource is primarily aimed at occupational health professionals who should already have the background and understanding to be able to interpret the evidence.  Care should always be taken in relating research evidence to individual cases; people are all different and may have other conditions of significance.  Managers and Human Resources professionals are welcome to search through the website, but in most cases they should seek expert occupational health interpretation rather than coming to their own conclusions.  Of more importance, it should allow Managers and Human Resources professionals to assess occupational heatlh reports and advice to see if that advice does actually relate to the evidence.  This process should lead to a progressive improvement in occupational health advice as all involved appreciate the objective evidence available, and increasingly base their decisions on clear objective fact rather than subjective opinion, hearsay, old wives tales and bad habits.

New evidence is being identified all the time.  The evidence base will therefore continue to change.  This should not come as a surprise, and at times new evidence leads to a complete reversal of opinion.  This does not reflect poor practice on behalf of the occupational health professionals, it demonstrates that they are keeping up to date with developments and are always prepared to accept the need to change and move forward.