Risk of new vertebral fracture in osteoporosis

In postmenopausal women who had sustained a vertebral fracture, the cumulative risk of a subsequent vertebral fracture in the next year was 6.6%.  Following this, the risk of a further vertebral fracture in the following year was 19.2% (95% CI 13.6-24.8%) (Lindsay et al., 2001).

LINDSAY, R., SILVERMAN, S. L., COOPER, C., HANLEY, D. A., BARTON, I., BROY, S. B., LICATA, A., BENHAMOU, L., GEUSENS, P., FLOWERS, K., STRACKE, H. & SEEMAN, E. 2001. Risk of new vertebral fracture in the year following a fracture. Jama, 285, 320-3.